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An independent venue complex, home to 4 one-of-a-kind venues. Each venue has its own style and offers a unique experience. They have a variety of uses, from live entertainment to meetings, private parties, BBQ’s, club nights, fitness sessions, festivals and more! Our smallest venue (The Lobby) can hold up to 50 people and our biggest venue (2Funky Music Café) can house up to 350, however we can combine all the venues to reach a capacity of up to 1000. Due to the venues being interconnected internally you can combine different venues to reach your desired capacity.

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  • 350 capacity
  • 4am licence
  • Large indoor area
  • Bar
  • Stage
  • Balcony area with seating overlooking the stage
  • Disabled toilets
  • Wheelchair friendly access
  • Large South-facing beer garden/smoking area
  • professional P.A. system and sound engineer
  • Available for private hire

Established in 2015, 2Funky Music Café is a live music venue based at #2FUNKYCOMPLEX in the heart of Leicester’s thriving West End. We run regular public events but are also available for private hire. Suitable for a variety of purposes, past events have included performances by local up-and-coming music talent, comedy and dance performances, performances by big name artists, music and dance workshops, local and national touring gigs, birthday and Christmas parties, workshops, awaydays and much more!

We can provide most necessary equipment for music events. Anything the venue doesn’t own can be brought in by the promoter or hired at an additional cost.

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  • 220 capacity
  • 2am licence
  • Bar
  • Kitchen
  • Disabled toilets
  • Wheelchair friendly access
  • Large indoor area with tables and chairs, which can be removed to create a large dancefloor
  • Large outdoor space (perfect for BBQs) with a second bar
  • Available for private hire

2Funky Street Kitchen, est. 2019, is a venue that aims to offer something unique to Leicester’s West End. It’s the perfect space to host street food events and hosts regular public events, ranging from family friendly festivals with food and music, to outdoor DJ sets, such as The Garden Getaway and more!

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lounge 20210805-RAVPhotography-2funky-21892
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  • 300 capacity
  • 4am licence
  • Bar
  • 2 rooms
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Available for private hire


The 2Funky Lounge, situated in #2FUNKYCOMPLEX, opened its doors in 2018. It hosts regular club nights and is perfect for large parties and live DJ sets.

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lobby 20210805-RAVPhotography-2funky-21871
  • 50 capacity
  • 4am Licence
  • Bar
  • Dancefloor
  • DJ booth
  • Located centrally within #2FUNKYCOMPLEX
  • Available for private hire

The Lobby is the newest addition to the 2Funky family. The smallest of the bunch, hired on its own, it’s perfect for smaller events such as birthday parties and small club nights. Due to its central location within the complex, it can be hired in addition to another venue/multiple venues within the complex if you want to increase capacity or add an extra room for a music event.

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What is your refund policy?

Tickets are usually non refundable unless the event is cancelled or postponed. In all cases please contact your ticket agent

How do I get tickets when buying online?

They are usually emailed from your ticket provider

Where should I park and is parking free?

We have a small car park at the back for staff and artists. You will need a permit to park here.

Where is the nearest public car park?

NCP Leicester St Nicholas Circle
Address: St Nicholas Cir, Leicester LE1 4LF
Phone: 0345 050 7084

Can I bring my own food and drink?

No sorry. We have fully licensed bars available and we serve food at select events. Please check individual events for any food choices

Will re-entry be allowed?

We do not allow re-entry except in certain circumstances. Please speak to door staff.

What time do doors open?

All events vary, please check individual events for details.

Can tickets be bought at the door/gate/entrance?

Depends on each event. If the event is not sold out then they will be available but please check online first.

Are cameras allowed?

Usually this is ok but occasionally the artist may refuse the audience to take pics/film

Is it safe to visit the venues?

Covid restrictions were eased in the UK on Monday 19th July. We care about our customers’ safety and have taken extra precautions within the venue such as having automatic hand-sanitizer stations located throughout the venue and cleaning surfaces regularly. We encourage our customers to be careful and cautious wherever possible.

I’ve had both my vaccinations, do I still need to take a lateral flow test?

We encourage all attendees to take a test, even if you have been vaccinated as your vaccination does not guarantee complete immunity, there is still a possibility that you could contract the virus and pass it on to others.

What happens if I have COVID-19 symptoms before visiting or a positive test?

If you, or a member of your household are displaying possible symptoms of COVID-19, please take a lateral flow test. Even if the test is negative we would still encourage you to consider staying at home if you are feeling unwell as lateral flow tests are not 100% fool proof.

Do you have WiFi?

– No , unfortunately we do not offer WiFi in this venue.

Do you offer private hire?

Yes we do, contact [email protected] for further info.

If food is sold, do you cater to different dietary requirements?

Yes we do, please speak to a member of staff

What food will be sold at the event?

Check event page for further information

Is the venue disability-friendly? Does it have lifts and disabled toilets?

The 2Funky Music Cafe and The 2Funky Street Kitchen are both disability-friendly. The 2Funky Lounge and The Lobby do not have those facilities.

Can I bring a motorised scooter/wheelchair?

Sorry we do not have any space inside to store but they may be parked outside

If I have questions who can I contact?

Please email [email protected]

What fees will I be charged e.g. booking fees?

Most ticket agents charge a 10% commission

When and where can I collect my tickets?

At our reception/box office

Do you have a cloakroom?

Yes we do. There is a £2 charge.

Do I need to show a COVID passport to get in?

No, we will not be asking to see COVID passes. We encourage attendees to take a lateral flow test up to 24hrs before you attend for the safety of everyone attending, however we will not be asking attendees to provide proof of their test.

You can order free NHS Rapid Lateral Flow Tests online here or you can pick them up from any pharmacy or test site.

Do I need to wear a mask or social distance?

We will not be enforcing social distancing and you don’t have to wear a mask but you are welcome to do so. If you choose not to, please be respectful of those who do choose to wear a mask (or any other PPE) / keep their distance and vice versa.

Is there a dress code?

Strictly NO tracksuits
No balaclavas

Refer to individual events regarding dress code as some may state further additions to dress code.

What is the age restriction?

All events are events are 18+ , unless specified within event description (Physical ID required)

What Items are Prohibited?

. Any Paraphernalia
. Weapons
. Nitrous Oxide ( Laughing Gas Canister)
. Marker Pens
. Chewing Gum

The complex has ample space to accommodate live entertainment, work meetings, private parties, BBQs, corporate events, club nights, comedy, fitness sessions, festivals, workshops, launch events and more. 
Each venue has its own professional PA system and technician, while most equipment can be provided on request, brought in by the promoter, or hired at extra cost. 
The Complex is also the spiritual home of social enterprise 2Funky Arts, with projects based there that have featured on Sky News and BBC Panorama.

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